Peak Design 2018 catalog

Check out the new Peak Design 2018 Catalogue below.  The full range is available in Ireland here: Peak Design Bags, Clips, Straps and more

Peak design products come with a lifetime warranty, the Apple of Camera Bags.  Designed by photographers for photographers, take a look at their inventive camera clips that can attach to your belt, your backpack strap, your messenger bags.  Really anywhere it can be clamped on.  They have a great selection of Sling Bags, Messenger Bags and Backpacks.  Perfect as an all day bag, a bag to carry you Mavic Pro and accessories or even the baby’s nappies !!! It doesn’t just have to be photographic equipment.


If you do a lot of outdoor photography in the wet and wild, then maybe the Peak Design Shell could be perfect for you.  A waterproof cover like neoprene wetsuits, that covers the body and lens, they even have a little peak to keep the front lens element dry.

See for yourself below and if you have any questions use our contact us page to ask any questions.

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