Camera Filters Ireland started out from a conversation following a camera club meeting with a few photographers who were feeling frustrated with their photography. We all know the story. Our images don’t look as good as others photographers, so it must be the equipment. The solution: go off and get a new lense or body and that will solve the problem!

The trouble is it wasn’t the camera, it was the add-on accessories we were using, specifically, their filters. Ireland is very small country and generally, there is a small supply of photographic products available. Their ranges are usually small and determined by what the reseller wants to sell, not what the customer needs.

Cut to our experience. Having spent quite a lot on our filters and now on our 3rd holder from the same UK company. We decided that there had to be better out there, especially when our polariser, neutral density filter, 3 stop soft grad and foundation kit decided to go for a fall. It dropped down 35 feet from a building, thankfully onto the grass. But enough was enough. Not only were we wasting time on poorly designed equipment, the final images were had a blue colour cast and we had to continuously colour correct them in post processing.

We researched and had conversations with several companies in Europe, the US and the Far East. We purchased and tried and tested their products. Having made a list, we contacted the companies and asked them would they be interested in coming into Europe. Some said yes !!

We now move forward to current day; through everyone in the company’s hard work we are now the Exclusive Distributors for NiSi Filters and Rollei Camera Products.  We are dealers and resellers for approximately 20 other brands, of those about 10 manufacture filters. While our core product is filters, we have expanded into camera lenses, tripods and accessories. We are the largest Independent filter specialist in the UK or Ireland. We ship to 33 countries worldwide and are busy doing camera club talks, trade shows in Ireland and internationally, photography training and mentoring.

We have tried and tested approximately 570+ filters and it continues to grow. We have showrooms in Limerick City where you can call in and see what we have on display. Please feel free to visit, come have a chat with our staff. Bring us a coffee as your calling in and we’ll happily give you a mini workshop in our offices!!

We simply want to give photographers the tools they deserve and can rely upon. It’s hard enough getting out to capture an image, we don’t need our equipment fighting against us. We offer free independent advice, backed by our market knowledge and we ARE actually photographers. We wouldn’t sell something we haven’t used or wouldn’t use ourselves. We supply beginners to pro’s, there isn’t a stupid question. Photography isn’t easy, but we are here to hold your hand and help you each step of the way. We are a one stop shop for photography, from thinking of an image to printing it out in your colour managed workflow. We can show and teach you all the steps.

We are strong believers in being green, even so much so that our offices are recycled. They used to be the old German Krupps food mixer factory, but are now new modern office spaces!! Our packaging is recycled, our equipment is A-rated and energy efficient, our building lighting is energy efficient and we have a Zero-emission footprint. At every opportunity we think green. It’s one of our founding values. We shoot the environment almost daily, so appreciate the damage that can be done to destroy it. Taking these little steps is our way of preserving the island for the children of tomorrow, so they too can appreciate the marvellous coast and landscapes around us.

Thanks for visiting our website and do call in we’d love to meet you.